Shringar-The Queen of Emotions

Shringar-The Queen of Emotions

Woman Aura- Shringar

According to the Indian aestheticians Shringar is a Sthayi bhav (permanent mood) of a woman. A woman who retains her sthayi bhav as Shringar is placed on a high pedestal, much more beyond the physical dimension. This sole and true nature of a woman is literally an alan-kara (ornament) itself that it is predominant among all the other emotions. It has been imprinted on all the Indian form of arts like poetry, painting, literature, sculpture etc. The famous ancient poet’s and writer’s interpretation ultimately delve into the theme of a Woman’s Shringar.

Why is it that Shringar is correlated with a Woman?

Without much effort shringar rasa blossoms out of the ‘feeling of Love’. The nature of our mind is such that it cannot survive without share and acceptance of love. Hence when a man seeks for pure love which is unconditional and non-measurable he surrenders onto a woman. She enjoys indulging in Shringar rasa immensely because that’s her true nature. With pride when she feels herself as the most beautiful being in the world, the sheer energy radiates in the form of ‘Love’ that nothing else in the world seems beautiful for a man. This superficial rasa(emotion) of a woman attract and steals a man’s mind that he let go of his ego, indulges in fantasizing about her and thrive to be with her for all of the lifetime. The Feeling of Love blossoms in its pious form and it is felt as the state of ecstasy were the noble and magnificent Shringar is expressed by means of affection between the man and the  woman.

A woman’s emotions are complex whether it is positive or negative, but her ubiquitous influence is felt by everyone around her. In this context the aesthetic experience (shringar) is a universal emotion that is pleasant in essence which creates transcendental joy, is a unique power of the woman to communicate her thoughts, emotions and feelings.

Modern concept of Shringar

Today, the interpretation about Shringar which has been endorsed even by both men and woman is of the obsession for external beauty. Out of our arrogance we think that the mortal body is the epitome of beauty and we are ignorant about the intrinsic goodness of one’s soul. In fact, the physical aspect of shringar opened the door for the concept of roop shringar, adornment of the feminine physique.  In the Western-modern world, it is generally understood as the use of beauty aids by the woman to decorate herself in order to look more attractive and beautiful. Yes, it is! But it is much more than embellishment. The impact and influence exerted by western culture on the new generation is so vast and profound that evades easy comprehension. But in the end much of the soothing effect of Shringar happens in our subconscious mind, the internal stimuli.


 to be continued...................

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