Stud Earrings

Studs are small button-like earrings that stick to the earlobe. They are a part of minimalist jewellery style, best for formal occasions. The college trend these days has bent unusually towards stud earrings. The unique and aesthetic designs in studs have made it into a wave of fashion that has swept the whole youth in it. Studs, originally called tops have a wide range of sizes and designs. That they are everybody’s favourite from a teenage girl to her grandmother, even men. Colourful floral designs, a simple black cross or cute charms worn by women. Available in all kinds of materials of hard metals, pearls, gems etc. Studs are a trend that will never fade away.

  • What kind of earrings are popular?

    The popular kind of earrings are stud earrings, jhumkas, chandbaaliyan and pearl earrings. All these earrings are easy to browse and shop online. Stud earrings for girls and women who like to keep it minimalist. Jhumkas are for traditionals and chandbaaliyan for an ethnic wear.

  • What type of earring is best for women?

    The type of earring best for women are the ones that suit their outfit, occasion and convenience the best. The earring which isn't just beautiful to look at but is comfortable to wear at the same time.

  • How do you know what earrings suit you?

    To know which earrings suit you the best, you may look at your face shape and size. The round, small faces wearing long dangling earrings make the face look longer. While long faces when adorned with hoops or small danglers can give a totally new look to the face. As for a tip, any earring will suit you as long as you like it.