Bulk Purchase Benefits

Bulk Purchase

Whether someone is a business owner or manages a household, consumers are always on the lookout to save as much money as possible on routine purchases. Purchasing products in bulk may be a viable solution. According to a recent study, consumers can save up to 89% on their grocery bill if they buy items in bulk. However, they must be careful that they do not end up purchasing more products than they will use.

Being customer centric is a cultural way of life for Kanneki. It is more than just offering a good product to the customer. We live and breathe our customers and want to provide amazing experience to them.   

So if you want to buy in bulk for your business or wedding, we assure you that we have special prices and services. Every order is important and our priority, hence for bulk orders the processing time is completely based on the product, quantity and the delivery address.

What is bulk order?

Any order worth more than INR 20,000 or order for a single product with quantity more than 25 is considered as Bulk order.   

How to order in bulk?

All you have to do is contact us on hello@kanneki.com or Whatsapp @ 9328373865 for your enquiries. Please mention your requirement as in, product, quantity, address etc.