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A highly fashionable day is wasted over a simple outfit without the accompaniment of a little bling brought by a simple daily wear jewellery that could have added to the grace and ecstasy of a woman. Be it a night at party or regular day at the office, a look is never complete without some baubles and accessories. Even though it is always advisable to keep it minimal at the office, you can always pair your work ensembles with some fashion jewellery appropriate for office and daily wear look.
Each day is a day to celebrate, hope, achieve and rejoice, so accompany your day with some fashion accessories that make you feel confident and elevate your spirits. While it is hard to repeat the same clothes every day, a pair of daily wear Jewelry can bring difference to the same set of formals and add a little extra to it. Blingvine has created a 9-5 office wear jewellery set collection for women that include high-quality daily wear necklaces, pendants, earrings and bracelets suitable for formal wear and daily wear.

  • What type of jewellery should I wear in office?

    While it is true that, just like any other spaces, women are absolutely free to put on any jewellery that their heart desires but office spaces typically require a formal appeal in order to work professionally. The type of jewellery that team well both with office wear clothes and office surroundings include crystal studs, pearl necklaces, gold plated layered necklace, enamel danglers, chokers, tennis bracelets and many other such timeless artificial jewellery items.

  • What are the latest office wear jewellery designs?

    In the modern world, nothing less than the latest is worth being an eye candy. The latest office wear jewellery designs in the market today include wildlife choker sets, Ruby earrings, Floral pearl necklaces, Eternity luxury necklace sets, Honey drop pendant set, geometrical studs and gorgeous gemstone bracelets.

  • Where can I buy earrings for office wear in India?

    Office wear earrings are meant to add a little hint of glam to your overall office look and should not at all look like an overarching attempt for style and attention. Minimal is the key when going for office wear earrings and one online store that lives by this motto is Blingvine. The store has remarkable collections of office earrings along with office wear pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and any other items, all crafted especially for a spiced up normal day at work.