Bracelets by KANNEKI

Bracelets, A Classic New-Age Accessory 

Bracelets are an accessory worn to represent and add certain meaning to one’s look. These are metal, thread or plastic band-like tied on the wrist. The different types, styles and designs in the category have made them quite popular. They are a hit among girls, boys, women and men. They can be a great gift for a friend or family and also an everyday wear. Made in gold, silver, platinum and diamonds etc., to match all occasions. 

  • What are the three types of bracelets?

    So, there are more than just three types of bracelets. We can let you know all the types for your kind information. There are seven major types of bracelets they are: Bangle bracelets which look like a bangle decorated with gems and stones. Cuff bracelets which have a slight opening to wear and adjust to your wrist. Link bracelets which have elements linked together to form a bracelet. Charm bracelets which are decorated with charms inspired from the solar system, sea, etc. Beads bracelet which are the most primitive type of bracelet, made up of beads of different sizes and colours. Wraparound bracelets which are made of leather and laces and are wrapped around the wrists. Tennis bracelets which are a simple line of stones or diamonds arranged to form a bracelet.

  • What is a pandora bracelet?

    Pandora bracelet is a bracelet that has beads dividing the bracelet into three sections. They can be decorated with charms, beads and diamonds.

  • What is a tennis bracelet?

    Tennis bracelet is a line of stones or diamonds arranged in a line to form a bracelet. They are the simple and elegant type of bracelet to wear.

  • What is the right place to wear a bracelet?

    The right place to wear a bracelet, well, the question is quite vague. If you are asking what part of the body the bracelet is worn in, it is definitely the wrists. But, if you are talking about occasions they can be worn on then you can wear bracelets at every occasion and also everyday.